A small pochade box for plein air painting

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A close up of a hand carrying a beautiful brown wooden box for plein air painting
The brown wooden pochade box is open and you can see all part that it contains: Two gesso primed wooden panels, a transparent palette and a neutral gray paper to use under the palette
The pochade box is open like a book and you can see that it contains two gesso primed wooden panels as well as a transparent palette and a neutral gray paper under the palete
Here you can see the front and the back of the pochade box, the back has a black solid hinge and the front has a black smart snap to close mechanism
A person sitting in the nature and holding the pochade box with one hand like a open book and use the box to paint plein air art
The pochade box is in use and lying flat on a table and you can see a plein air artwork in progress, as well as the mixed oil colours on the palette and also some brushes in a black tray on the table
A close up of the palette being scraped clean easy with a palette knife
The pochade box is standing like a open book on a table in a home and it now contains two wet oil paintings and you can see that the box now act as a smart frame while the artworks is drying